South London Notary

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Services Provided for Individuals

You will require a Notary Public if a document in question needs to be sent outside of the UK. Notaries are recognised internationally in this regard.

You may have been asked by your lawyer or an organisation abroad to sign or authenticate a document in the presence of a Notary Public. They will expect to see the Notary’s signature, stamp and seal.

– Bank instruction letters
– Preparing and witnessing affidavits of Freedom to Marry
– Witnessing Sponsorship Statutory Declarations
– Power of Attorney that can be used worldwide
– Parental consent for a child to travel / issuance of a passport on behalf of a minor child
– International attendants/ Statutory Declarations/ Affidavits
– Surrogacy agreements
– Witnessing foreign oaths for executors and applications for grants of probate
– Authentication of copy documents such as passports, driving licence etc.
– Passport & Identity Certification
– Authentication of copy documents such as academic qualification or certificates
– Affidavits & Oaths & Declarations
– Notarising foreign wills
– Selling property overseas
– Change of name documents, deed will etc.
– Letters of authorisation and applications for Tax Registration Numbers
– Sponsorship
– visits or settlement
– Preparing & witnessing documents such as witness statements & application forms
– Indian OCI Card Applications
– Witnessing & authenticating signatures
– Witnessing & dealing with documents for the purchase or sale of land & property overseas
– Life Certificate for private pension providers
– Notarising foreign adaption application requirements
– Authenticating the signing of an acknowledgement for use in the United States of America
– Documents required to relocate to a foreign country for a job